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Ep 111: dAdventure- Chris D. (Full Transcript)

Jey (00:08.638)

Welcome into another episode of the Young Dad Podcast. I'm your host Jay and I'm so happy to be with you guys again for another episode under a week. I'm super fortunate today to be joined by my friend Chris. Chris runs a small business that is out there to encourage dads to be involved and get outside with their, as he says, offspring. I'm going to start calling my kids my offspring. His company, they sell funny hats, t-shirts and apparel.

Christopher Dugan (00:32.52)

I'm gonna go.

Jey (00:37.778)

on their websites and their social channels. Chris, I'm super excited for you to be here with us today. Go ahead and tell us a little bit about you, about your dad journey to this point, a little bit about the business, kinda your life story summed up into however long you wanna sum it up into.

Christopher Dugan (00:57.532)

Sounds good. Thanks for having me. Happy to be here. So yeah, my name is Chris. I'm a relatively new dad. I got a one-year-old named Lachlan who just turned one a couple of weeks ago, and he's the best. I've got a small business called DadVenture, and you can find us on our website,, that we started.

I say we, it's mostly been me, but my wife's helped a little bit here and there. We started when Lachlan was about five months old. And really the kind of goal and reason we started it was just to bring some visibility and some encouragement to new dads to be involved in their child or their offspring's lives. I was lucky that

Growing up, my dad was super involved in our lives and coached soccer until we were 16 or something and took us to all the things, was always there for us, played with us in the living room, did chores with us, helped mom around the house, all the things that you hope for. And I think that kind of...

as we progress as a society, we're kind of trending towards more involvement with dads, but I know a lot of us that are millennials or older didn't necessarily have that same experience that I had growing up where they had a dad that was super involved or involved much at all. So that's my goal is to encourage dads to get more involved, be there, spend time with their kids.

help around the house, you know, take their kids outside and have fun outside and doing outdoor activities, and just try to encourage that as much as possible. I also think that there's, we can talk about this more, but I think that there's a need and a space for seeing dads involved in more marketing materials, in products for...

Christopher Dugan (03:23.364)

um, new dads for dads with kids who are in school. Um, just, just being more involved, um, kind of in the, in the world and seeing that, you know, like, let's say it's a, a ad for diapers or something, you know, having a dad changing the diaper in the video instead of just always mom. Um, it's kind of the, it's kind of the reverse of, of how everything else in life is set up.

Jey (03:48.768)


Jey (03:52.996)

Yeah, no I-

Christopher Dugan (03:54.107)

Um, so.

Jey (03:57.75)

I think you're spot on there. That's something I haven't really thought about that until we started talking and got to know each other. And then you mentioned that when we connected and got connected to Record Today, is that and I've been thinking about it since, is like, you're so right. Where do we see men advertised as a part of underwear commercials for men, maybe?

Christopher Dugan (04:24.624)


Jey (04:26.234)

Sports, alcohol, and yeah pretty much just underwear, sports, alcohol are really the only areas you see men like advertised or promoted. Like if you go to any department store it's all going to be women modeling clothes. Like there will be no pictures in the men's section. It will just be the clothes itself. If you go to... Go ahead.

Christopher Dugan (04:50.716)


And I think the thing there to me that bugs me, so I had, like I said, I had a really good example of an involved dad growing up. And so I saw that, but I think for people that didn't, that are now having kids themselves, they need to see dads involved out in the world on social media and marketing and advertisements. When you're buying,

strollers for the first time or car seats or cribs or baby books. Like all of that, you know, just has mom involved. And it's like, you know, take this, mom can take this stroller to yoga with the kids and it's a mom group of yoga. And that's great. But then, you know, dads that don't have, didn't have a good example, maybe growing up, you know, they don't see themselves.

reflected like that in society. And I think there's space for that. And we need to encourage that. So that's part of the reason I started DadVenture is to hopefully be a very, very small part of that vision.

Jey (06:09.01)

No, I think that's, you're so right, because I mean, when you're going to be a first time dad, you want to know, okay, what's going to work for me? So you're flipping through Amazon and you're looking for the baby products, the baby carriers, you're looking for all the things, right? And none of them have, I mean, I'm pretty sure I could pull up Amazon right now. I won't, but because there's no affiliation, but pull it up and you'll see just...

moms the commercials are always moms go here moms go there like i would love to see like throw some nfl dads in there why not like throw patrick mahomes in behind a stroller with a baby carrier throw um mahomes is the only russell wilson uh sensitive issue um

Christopher Dugan (06:46.661)

Right. Yeah.

Christopher Dugan (06:52.518)


Jey (07:00.93)

But Thor will also sit in there with his kids or random kids with a stroller or a backpack or a bottle brand or something like, there's big bottle and big stroller, have plenty of money to go and pay these big time names to advertise for them. Just as much as they have the money to go and pay the big time moms to do the same. I bet they could probably get a two for one deal if they really wanted.

Christopher Dugan (07:29.178)

Yeah, seriously.

Jey (07:29.694)

with some of them, but I think you're so right. Cause like being, I got off track there, but being a new dad, like it's super scary. Cause you have, and if you're a first time parents in general, it's going to be even scarier because you have no clue what works. You're just going off what everyone else is saying or what looks like, oh, that model kind of looks like me a little bit. So I could, I could maybe buy that or purchase that. But it's like.

Christopher Dugan (07:53.275)


Jey (07:54.75)

I don't know what