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Empathy, Tolerance, Love...Game Changed!

We, as people, individuals, and especially as male caregivers, dads, or whatever you wanna call us "babysitters," have the urge and the need to fix things. We won't fix and make everything around us better and more improved for everyone.

In a world around us where energy isn't clean and is starting to get harder to renew, materials that aren't ethically sourced, and the general cost of transportation to get sound from point A-B, there has to be an easier way, right?

If I had infinite skills/resources to create the "thing" that solves all the main issues: political division, inflation, international tensions, homelessness, addiction in all its forms, and whatever else you may want to add to this shortlist.

I would create a way to give people empathy, tolerance, and love towards each other as people who bleed red will either be burned into ashes and put into a little jar or put 6ft underground. Seriously, these three things can change the world around us.

Think about it first, empathy. You don't have to feel sorry for them, but at least make an honest attempt not to judge another person but to take a moment and put yourself in the shoes of the homeless dude on the corner; you don't know what he's been through to end up here. Do you think he wants to be there? You, instead, judge him on his race, probably, that he is/was an addict and just too lazy to work? What if, what if he was a veteran that had INTENSE PTSD, that you have no idea what that feels like, and he got no support from the military to be able to heal and get better? Therefore, he is now homeless cause our county, our system failed him. Again, you don't know their story, so don't judge.

Think about it, tolerance. Why would you keep judging when it doesn't affect you, and you can live your same life without getting involved in someone else personal preferences, habits, or orientations? I want to challenge you; if it doesn't directly affect your day-to-day or anything you do, why be for or against it? I'm not saying that you have to accept or be a part of whatever the "thing" is if it goes against your core beliefs, but if you can leave it alone to those who it truly affects the most and those directly impacted, then do that. Show empathy cause you, again, don't know how they are being affected by that "thing." Show the people affect some tolerance, but give them acknowledgment and validation, if nothing else.

When you think of love, you might think of romantic love. But love can look like empathy, tolerance, acceptance, validation, acknowledgment, patience, and non-judgment. Love yourself, love your kids, love your neighbor, love all those you interact with daily. Show love, put out positivity, hope, and good vibes, and you will be amazed at what comes back into your life when you consistently put the same out into the universe.

PROMPT: What's one thing you could create regardless of skills or resources if given infinite skills/resources to improve the world?

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