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Dem Yum Yum Power Rankings

Howdy Ball Boys and girls welcome today's Yum Yum getcha some Power Rankings present by Dan-o's seasoning. The last and ONLY seasoning you will EVER need. You can get yours today with code "Ballboy" to let them know I sent you; click here.

That's enough of the business; let's jump into our playoff race power rankings!

  1. SF Giants(71-41)

    1. The Giants cannot stop winning.

  2. TB Rays(68-44)

    1. The Rays have the command of the AL East with a +121 run diff.

  3. Chicago White Sox(67-46) +2

    1. +2 rise after seeing Eloy, Robert come back. The best 1/2 punch in the game to close out every close game.

  4. LA Dodgers (67-45)

    1. The Dodgers remain at 4.

  5. Houston Astros(66-46) +2

    1. The Astros move up.

  6. Milwaukee Brewers (66-46)+2

    1. The Brew Crew is just great. Yelich is back, unsung heroes every game, and just a great team.

  7. SD Padres(65-49) +3

    1. With Tatis on the IL, the Padres are still winning and will only be better with Tatis back in the lineup.

  8. Oakland A's(64-48) +1

    1. The A's close out the season better than any other team.

  9. Boston Red Sox(63-41) hold

  10. NY Yankees (62-50) +1

    1. Rizzo is the difference, but COVID is catching up to the Yankees.

  11. Cincinnati Reds (61-52) +4

    1. VOTTO time, baby!

  12. Philadelphia Phillies (59-53) +4

    1. Improved rotation, and Harper is keeping his team in 1st place.

  13. Atlanta Braves (57-55) +1

    1. The deadline reload paying off.

  14. Toronto Blue Jays (60-50) -2

    1. I am way too low on the Jays, but the competition out East is tough!

  15. NY Mets(56-55) -9

    1. Only two wins since my last rankings.

  16. Seattle Mariners(59-54) -3

    1. Some tough losses in close games.

  17. STL Cardinals(55-56) - hold

  18. LA Angels(56-56)- hold

  19. Cleveland Indians(55-55) -hold

  20. Detroit Tigers(54-60) +2

    1. Tigers are playing decent baseball

  21. Washington Nationals(50-62) +6

    1. I think I was too hard on Nat's

  22. Chicago Cubs(52-61) +4

    1. I was too hard on the Cubs

  23. Colorado Rockies(51-61) +1

    1. Story can still win games on his own accord

  24. KC Royals(48-63) -3

    1. Have you watched them play?

  25. Minnesota Twins(48-65) -5

    1. I was too generous to the Twins

  26. Miami Marlins(47-66) -3

    1. rebuild time

  27. Texas Rangers(39-73)-1

    1. It's the Rangers

  28. Baltimore Orioles(38-72) hold

  29. Pittsburgh Pirates(41-71) hold

  30. Arizona Diamondbacks(35-78) hold

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