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DDU: Week 9: Recap, Free Agents, NBA News, NBA Trade Rumors, Mailbag


In this episode, the host provides a weekly recap of the league standings and recent trades. They discuss NBA news, including team relocations and Draymond Green's suspension. The Golden State Warriors' performance and potential trade possibilities are analyzed. The host also shares insights on the Detroit Pistons' struggles and potential trades. They discuss the NBA in-season tournament and various trade rumors. The episode concludes with a mailbag segment, addressing topics such as the top team in the East, Stephen Curry's legacy, a one-on-one matchup between Kevin Durant and Joel Embiid, and the Pistons' future wins. In this episode, the hosts discuss the potential wins for the team in the upcoming season. They analyze specific games and express their doubts about the team's chances against certain opponents. The conversation ends with closing remarks and a call to action for the listeners.


The hosts predict a total of four to five wins for the team in the season.

They highlight specific games against the Spurs and the Wizards as potential wins.

The hosts express skepticism about the team's chances against the Wizards.

The hosts mention the possibility of multiple trades at the trade deadline to tank the season.


00:00 Introduction and Weekly Recap

02:00 League Standings and Playoffs

03:25 Scoring Changes and Trade Update

05:28 NBA News: Team Relocations and Draymond Green Suspension

07:22 Golden State Warriors Update

08:43 Warriors GM's Statement and Trade Possibilities

10:09 Western Conference Standings and Houston Rockets

13:40 Zion Williamson's Contract and Detroit Pistons

15:38 Cleveland Cavaliers and Sacramento Kings

17:06 Pistons' Frustration and Potential Trades

18:30 Pistons' Ownership and Future Outlook

20:22 NBA In-Season Tournament and Trade Rumors

25:53 Potential Trades and Team Needs

35:09 Cleveland Cavaliers and Potential Trades

37:08 Detroit Pistons and Future Success

43:32 Mailbag: East Conference, Curry's Legacy, One-on-One Matchup, and Pistons' Wins

53:35 Predicting Future Wins

55:13 Closing Remarks and Call to Action

Transcript Jey (00:01.634)

me a good round of applause coming from my live in studio audience. Oh, another one. Another one. So kind. So kind. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Welcome in to Ballboy Talk, the Unhinged Sports Podcast. I'm your host Jay. And today we're jumping into another episode or another featured Dynasty Down Under featuring the Bluey Ballers. Thanks for joining and following along with 12 bandits.

who are NBA junkies, fantasy sports junkies, and dads who are here for a good time and since it's the Dynasty League a long time as well. This week on the podcast, a Christmas special. This episode coming out Christmas Eve, so Merry Christmas to all who celebrate and happy holidays to everybody else. This week we're gonna be talking about the last two weeks because last week we didn't actually have an episode and we're currently in week.

nine I want to say in the league we are in week nine that's correct so Merry Christmas happy holidays thanks for joining you are much appreciated and today on the podcast we're going to talk about our weekly recap featuring some scoring updates I'm going to give you guys our current standings and then jump into one trade that happened in our league

bunch of NBA news that's been going on the last couple weeks and then a special trade rumors feature, some free agency things that have happened and then some mail bags. So buckle up, Merry Christmas, I hope you all have just a great day, had a great day, are having a great day and yeah, let's do it.

Jey (02:00.73)

So first segment today is we're going to talk about our weekly or our league kind of where we're at where our standings are and yes I'm going to use my phone for this because Sleeper is much more mobile friendly than it is friendly for everything else. So week nine I won Fox and Friggin Ants I improved to four and five over all balls no bite who was five and three. The Puzzini dynasty smoked discount Presti.

The Puzzini dynasty improves to 5 and 4 over Discount Presti who will fall to 2 and 7. Team Poppin with Tebow also put up an impressive win over team Mitchman and he improves to 8 and 1 and Mitchman will improve to 6 and 3. To infinity when beyond improves to 6 and 3 over Magic Claws. And then Asar's dad Rules improves to 5 and 4 and the Grannys fall to 0 and 9. Wow that blue guy.

Improves to four and five with Pavola and Popovich falling to four and five So as you can see the standings are very tight Lots of fours and fives and fours kind of all over the place up and down left right side to side It's a very tight competitive league, so we love that that's what we want in dynasty and it looks good right now

Our playoffs are going to start in week 18. So we're halfway to the playoffs after this week. So we're in the second half of our regular season after this week, which is crazy to think that the seasons is flying by like that. Um, but that's super, super fun. I have four players who are coming off the IR. So I have some tough choices to make this coming week. Um, including in that is going to be Malik Monk, Lonnie Walker, DeAndre Hunter, and Lamela Ball. So.

I'm excited. I like when there's a challenge for roster cuts and whatnot. I would assume a lot of rosters are going to look pretty good come Christmas day. But yeah, second half of the season is on the horizon. We made some scoring changes midseason about two weeks ago going into week eight, and our turnovers went from a full point to half point. Triple doubles went from two to five point scores went from half point to a full point. Double doubles went from one point to three points.

Jey (04:23.942)

20 plus rebound games went from 0 to 2, 50 point bonus went from 2 to 3 and 15 plus assists went from 0 to 2. So some changes, we're all really liking them, no complaints. I gave everyone as a commissioner a couple of mulligans if you will. If they wanted to use them, they didn't have to use them on guys who they thought, okay, maybe this will be a better game, maybe this won't. New scoring, don't know how it works. So just a couple of mulligans to keep things interesting.

We had one trade this last week. I actually traded for DeAndre Ayton and I traded away Michael Porter Jr. I'm happy with it. I thought it was pretty even. I much rather have DeAndre Ayton over Michael Porter Jr. More consistent, more opportunity has that deal in place in Portland building block there. Uh, so I really like it. But outside of that, that's all that's going on in our league. Nothing crazy this last couple of weeks, no big trades, no AI trade examiners, nothing like that. So, uh, with that, let's jump over to.

the news because there is a lot of news.

So, tons of news. First, this is a piece of good news. We have two relocation kind of things looking at it. So, the Thunder held a vote this last week that with the city of Oklahoma about getting a new arena, signing a new lease, building something better to keep the team in the area until 2050. Guess what? That vote passed at 71 percent and we are all here for it.

71% of the vote, new $900 million arena by 2029. Of course, it's gonna have an area around it, community. That's what a lot of arenas are doing and stadiums are doing now where they develop the surrounding area just to really boost the economy right around the stadium and really give it just a lot of draw and appeal. The Wizards could also be moving to a new shared site with the capitals as well, hockey, I believe.

Jey (06:24.282)

from DC to Virginia and a $2 billion proposal that includes the surrounding area and the stadium itself, arena itself as well. So that's for 2028. I don't believe that has been voted on by local legislation to approve that. The biggest piece of news, probably the one I have the most notes on, Draymond Green. He was suspended indefinitely after yet another egregious hit.

If it was the 90s, be totally cool with it. 2023, the NBA needs a villain. There's no one better than Draymond Green to be this villain. Draymond Green's a phenomenal player on the court. He's a defensive menace. There's not many that do it better than him, but we can't keep seeing injuries and potential injuries to Gobert, Nurkic, and all these other bigs just out of frustration and letting the emotions get the best of you. Professionals, but again,

Draymond, I just want to see Draymond back on the floor. I'm a Warriors fan. He's the heart and soul of that team. But some interesting stats. Most interesting is Clay has been playing the best he has all season without him on the floor. That's the first part that's really interesting to me.

He's been playing really well. The team has been playing really well. We've seen other guys step up tjd uh, kaminga Podzemski Because all these guys are really stepping up and showing up now for dubs We love that but Uh to kind of wrap up what I was saying about draymond. Um, he is undergoing counseling Treatment and he's out until he passes the mba and the warriors return to play expectations and standards that they're setting for him. So

It's supposed to be at least three weeks. I believe we're in the, I just finished the first full week of the suspension and the treatment that he's receiving so We'll see what happens. But in the meantime, Jonathan Kaminga, TJD are great pickups in your dynasty leagues if they are available I already had Jonathan Kaminga and I'm really happy with the share of Warriors GM and this will lead me into two things here

Jey (08:43.758)

The Warriors GM after the suspension happened, he said the bigger impact will be how we do over the next 15 to 20 games. That will determine where we go more than this specific incident. Which as you know, if you're a Warriors fan or if you watch basketball, the Warriors have not been great at all. Currently after tonight's game, I'm recording this the night of the 23rd to release Christmas Eve. They play Christmas Day against Denver, of course.

but they are 15 and 14 so they're just about 500. Currently if you look in the standings, they are in there the 10th seed in the West, just a half a game ahead Phoenix, three games ahead of Utah, five games ahead of Memphis, and seven games ahead of Portland, and 11 games ahead of San Antonio. However, they're kind of right there too.

They're half a game behind the Lakers, a game behind Houston, a game and a half behind the Pelicans, and two games behind the Clippers and the Mavericks, and two and a half behind the Kings. So, they're right there in the mix, right where they need to be ideally. They probably want to get up to that sixth seed and stay between that four and six, which I definitely think this team's on paper better than Dallas and better than the Clippers. I definitely think they're better than LA. I definitely think they're better than Houston.

I definitely think they're better than the Pelicans. Houston actually, I think, could push themselves up to the five if they keep going. That team, we're going to talk about that team throughout this year, but you probably haven't stopped hearing Houston Houston. They're so good. They are so freaking talented. It's crazy. But the top four, I think, are going to be the top four. The Timberwolves, the Nuggets, the Thunder, and the Kings. Those are your top four teams in the West. Barring catastrophic.

catastrophes are going to happen. So I really love that. The Warriors are right where they should be. But since the suspension, the Warriors are five in one.

Jey (10:51.09)

make of it what you will. Causation is or whatever is the noise causation. Whatever I'm saying right now. This is sports. But it may be unrelated. It's likely related. They're five in one. They're really handing the keys to some rookies, second year guys are really working that rotation, seeing who's the best product on the floor and riding that best product on the floor. They're on a five game winning streak now.

So we love to see it. Steph looks great, Clay looks great, the team overall just looks great. And that's what we want. So they have about 10 to 15 more games, likely without Dre. And it's really going to depend on what direction this Warriors team go. If they can go 12 and 3.

Who's to say they don't cut ties with Draymond?

It's hard to say they don't do it and they use him as a trade piece to bring in an OG Anubi or to go and get an Isaiah Stewart or to go and ship him off to the Pistons to kick some of their young, highly talented players, trade them to the Kings to get Keegan Murray, trade them in an OG Anubi deal, trade them in a Pascal Siakam deal.

Jey (12:17.058)

trade him for lorry markkinen like there's plenty of guys out there that they could deal him for and really improve this team and help take it back to that championship level trade him in wiggins you can get dang near anybody because you have the salary flexibility to do so then you come in under the cap a couple really interesting quotes from around the nba on the draymond situation as a whole um shack said i hate that y'all put that narrative on him the man doesn't need counseling he doesn't need anything on the court

or off the court. He's off the court. He's a solid human being. He's a good man. So Shaq's got his back. I mean Shaq grew, Shaq played in that era of you ball hard, you ball physical. He's all for it. Gobert, one of the incidents happened to him. Gobert said, I have empathy for him. You see somebody that is not well inside and suffering. You take away the game and all that.

and you want somebody to be well and be able to do what we do every night and compete and be happy. So Draymond hasn't looked happy since he punched Jordan Poole in the face. Luckily during that game two nights ago one of the Warriors played the Wizards and one that was all love with Jordan Poole. Again it's a business these players understand that they get it. My next piece of news here is Zion's contract.

is no his rookie scaling section is extension is no longer fully guaranteed after missing time and playing in only 29 or not all as many games as he needed to this year there's been 29 games he hasn't played in all of them are playing in nearly enough to meet the injury protections that grant the pelican that granted the pelicans the ability to no longer guarantee it however he can get these

Jey (14:10.438)

playing triggers and passing weigh-ins. That's the kicker that I'm really glad is in that contract because dude is not in shape. Yes, he can still get up. Yes, he's an NBA athlete. Yes, he's more athletic than me. But Zion, I think he's playing at the heaviest weight of his career. He does not look healthy. He does not look fit. He looks big and slow and unathletic and unexplosive on the court. Zion coming into the NBA.

was big, muscular, explosive. You can't slow this guy down. He can shoot, he can jump, he can jump over you, he can body you, he can post you up. He's an undersized four, but he's got the size, he's got the strength, he got the leaping ability. You can't hold him back. Doesn't look like that anymore. He looks really bad and out of shape. And I want him to be healthy, because he's such a great player when he's healthy.

um Speaking of players are Specific teams who you just want to possibly see do better Piston fans. I'm so sorry your team sucks um 26 losses in a row with no end in sight projected to go six And 76 on the season if not five and 77 at this point right now after that 26 loss in a row The other night after that 25th

loss in a row, sell the team chance we're erupting in the arena. Makes sense. And then Cade Cunningham, I get where he's coming from. He's frustrated, he's fed up, he sees his team day in, day out, practicing, grinding, trying, doing all the things they can do. They're just getting out played. They're not there. They're young. They're inexperienced. He is the most vocal leader on this team and he's a third-year player.

Jey (16:07.822)

Some 30 years players can be that guy. Cade may not be that guy. Stewart may not be that guy. They have Bondanovich, he may not be that guy. They don't have that guy. I'm sorry, they don't have that guy to run this team to be that vocal leader, that true leadership kind of guy on and off the court. He said after that 25th loss in a row, we're not two and 26 bad, no way. Cade, be quiet.

Be quiet. I'm sorry, this is an Unhinged Sports Podcast, but Cade, Cunningham, please, you are a great player for your career. Hope that the Pistons trade you. Hope that they trade you and give you an opportunity to go and ball somewhere else. For every significantly talented young player on this team, Ivy, Cade, Duran, Stewart, I hope so much better for you guys than where you're currently.

I hope you're part of trade packages to bring in vets to maybe win 20 games this year. I hope for your sake you're traded to an opportunity where you can actually shine and become a star because it's not going to happen right now in Detroit. With this organization it's awful to the absolute core. It's not your guys' fault. You guys are drafted here and signed a contract because you had to because that was the next step in your career. That's where the money spoke. It's business. I just hope for your sakes.

that y'all get out, y'all can get out, don't sign your rookie skill extensions, go and take a one or two year deal for less, ball out and get another max extension. Y'all are talented enough, Cade you're talented enough, Ivy's talented enough, Durant's talented enough, Stewart's talented enough, this team has talent, Monty Williams, I don't think you can fix this team like you fixed the Suns because you don't have a Devin Booker and a Deandre Ayton.

You don't already have these established pieces in place that were already winning 20 to 30 games and just needed a great coach to take them over the edge. Monty Williams ain't the guy for a rebuild. He's a team for on the other going up downhill from the uphill battle to get to the pinnacle of a rebuild. You guys aren't there yet. I'm sorry, but Piston fans.

Jey (18:30.074)

Hopefully they sell the team. Hopefully the owner's on the Epstein list or something. We just gotta hope. Anyways, that's enough talk about the Pistons. John Morant, he's back, he's ballin'. He's still great. Didn't miss a beat. He's still good. Really good. He looks well. He looks good. He looks great. Dame hit 20,000 points, career points. Great for him. We love that for him.

The Cavs and Ricky Rubio are discussing a potential parting of ways amid doubts about Rubio resuming an NBA career. Dude's been going through it, taking some time off for mental health reasons. I hope that he gets better. I hope he returns to play because he is a truly phenomenal point guard. I would love to see him back on a contender like Heat, like the Celtics as a bench piece. I would love to see him back with a true contender after he's bought out and he goes, gets well and he comes back. I would love to see it.

I think he would be great backing up in OKC. I think he would be great backing up in Minnesota again. I think he would be great in a lot of places. So Ricky Rubio, get better, get great. Chance Camache, an ex-G League player from the Stockton Kings, he's currently facing charges for a murder of a 23-year-old woman in Vegas. That's all the details that I was able to find.

Again, he's an ex-G League player, so he's no longer affiliated with the league. Of course, with this affiliation come some intense things. Um, but I hope that the family of this young woman, the justice has served properly. Camache. I didn't get a chance to look up any of his highlight type or look at anything. If he was talented, your career is over young man. I'm really sorry. Hope you get the help that you need and I wish you well. Uh, speaking of the NBA in season tournament.

The only gripe after the Lakers won was why would you hang a banner? That's my only gripe Don't hang a banner for an in-season tournament. So dumb But a couple things make change from the in-season tournament. It's not going anywhere It was a huge success as likely a guaranteed playoff spot for the winner of the tournament which I Think is a double-edged sword. I think the winner of the tournament is obviously gonna be a playoff contender, but I think this

Jey (20:52.734)

Could end really bad because let's say I don't know. Let's say the Spurs Were to win the in-season tournament this next year, but they're still bottom feeder team But yeah now they're guaranteed a playoff spot in their first round exit when that playoff spot should have gone to I don't know the 910 best team in the West I don't get it. I don't love it. But if it happens it happens That players didn't like the point differentials in the tournament being used

as fuel but I think it kept things close. I think it made them score, it made them play, it made them made offense happen in what you want for a tournament and you want the offense. We're actually going to, am I going to put that, is that in the mailbag? I don't think that's in the mailbag. This is just one thing I want to bring up. It was a tweet today before I get down to the trade rumors. Bronz recent tweet, why do players have to be retired before going into the Hall of Fame? Coaches get in while coaching.

Rightfully so wondering what's the difference though and he gave one of those like monocle like eyeglass little emojis Because LeBron if you had a great ten-year run, but then you suck for the next seven like really bad Why would you get elected when out of your 17 years you were really bad for seven you were really good for ten or Maybe that seven came in bits and pieces It needs to be a whole kind of picture

Thang, LeBron, yes absolutely you're gonna be in the Hall of Fame. But a fringe Hall of Famer like CP3, he's going into the Hall. Steph, Hall. KD, Hall. These guys are all gonna go into the Hall. Maybe it's a longevity thing. Maybe it's like once you get to your 15 plus, then you get consideration for the Hall based on your marriage through the first 15 years of your career. Or unless you're a lay bloomer, what if the first five were really bad but then you were able to play a total of

16 years, so you had 11 really good ones, your first five were really bad, then there can be some recency bias. The whole picture needs to be looked at as a whole. Your career, who you are, I think the time frame needs to be shorter to get from active playing to the hall, maybe one to three years. I think that's something that baseball does really bad is making these guys wait for so long to get into the Hall of Fame.

Jey (23:20.398)

because then things happen, changes may, disease and everything sits in, maybe they never see the Hall of Fame, maybe something happens, not God willing they're able to be there, but maybe something happens domestically or anything like that. They could always be removed after being in, but I don't think they should have to wait that long. I think it should be, if a player for sure knows he's gonna be retiring, let's say LeBron said this is my last year.

then he should be able to be considered for the Hall of Fame post that season or per that next class as long as his paperwork to retire actually signs. Make the waiting gap smaller. Once you have filed that retirement and if you are elected to the Hall of Fame you cannot un-retire you have to stay retired. So just keeping that in mind that's my thoughts on it but maybe I'll have different thoughts.

y'all can let me know in the mail bag. So let's get into trade rumors because there's a lot and I want to give these each some time. Actually, I'm going to hit free agency real quick and then I'll hit trade rumors.

Jey (24:40.494)

Maybe not. All right, so imagine there was a transition sound there. Didn't transition like I like, but anyways, free agency. The T-Wolf signed Lance Stevenson to their G League affiliate. The Pacers signed James Johnson. The Knicks signed Todd Gibson. I actually saw him playing today. Good to see Todd on the court still, still getting after it. The Grizzlies parted ways with Kenneth Lofton Jr. He actually signed with the 76ers today.

So he was the casualty of Morant returning and then Austin Rivers and John Wall both hosted a workout in Orlando a few days ago For about 10 to 15 teams. I really think either of these guys would look really good on the T wolves on the bench coming for him They could stretch the bench for the Celtics as well I think there's some really solid options out there in the free agent market to help improve some benches As well as the buyout market, of course is always a strong one

for some of the teams who are pushing the cap and didn't make a lot of moves at the deadline. So, trade rumors.

Jey (25:53.758)

That's my transition. There are tons of rumors. Obviously the biggest one is the Zach Levine saga. Not a sweepstakes. I read today that there isn't a big market for Zach Levine and that there are no sweepstakes according to NBA insiders. The Bulls have tried trading him to Cleveland for Darius Garland. Obviously that hasn't worked out. He has said he's open to a trade to Sacramento and the Lakers.

But my favorite landing spot for Zach Levine, honestly, is the 76ers. They've emerged as a fit and I really like it a lot. I don't know why, it just makes sense. You have Maxi running the point, Levine at the two and B down low. You fill in the three and the four with the guys they have right now, Tobias. And don't ask me who their three is, I can't think off the top of my head right now. But I like Levine, they have the money, they have the expiring contracts to flip.

I really think there's a good potential outlet here for Levine with the Sixers. I really like the fit. They're also interested in OG Anubi. Everyone wants Anubi because it's OG Anubi. He's a baller, certified baller. So the Jazz actually have gotten picked up in a lot of rumors as of recently. The Jazz and the Raptors and the Bulls are probably the three teams to keep the closest look on.

or watch on as the trade deadline approaches in February. Right now, the Jazz are 12 and 18, 11 games out of the playoffs.

four games out of the play-in tournament in total.

Jey (27:41.786)

the who'd I say the jazz the Raptors the Raptors Toronto's actually 11 and 18 they're a game out of the play in Chicago's actually at the 10 seed right now ten and a half are they're actually tied for 10 to with Atlanta I think they hold a tiebreaker there because of a game but I would imagine Atlanta's gonna get in Brooklyn's gonna fall Indy's gonna move

Orlando's at 17-11 they started strong, but I think they're gonna cool off and Indy's gonna move up with Halle So those are my three teams to keep an eye on I would also really keep an eye on San Antonio I would keep an eye on Portland and I would keep an eye on Memphis Yes, they're not too far out of it right now Memphis is probably the closest to the playoffs out of everyone Phoenix as well

Really keep your eyes on Detroit and the Wizards as well as possible sellers. Um, we know that Boston has expressed clear interest that they want to add to their bench. They're happy with their starting core, but they want to lengthen their bench. Milwaukee should also be in that same boat for lengthening their bench. As should the Sixers. Orlando needs a big star to go with Banquero. They don't have it. They absolutely need it to go with Franz and Banquero. Um,

So watch out for them to swing and make a move for someone that may not be on anyone's radar. Honestly, Minnesota, they desperately need to lengthen that bench. The five is great with Conley, Ant, Townes, McDaniels, Gobert, but they need bench help fast. They need to extend their bench, but there's pieces out there that I think would work really well. Denver.

They're solid up and down. OKC has the pieces. They just need to keep playing well, keep growing, keep learning, keep developing. Maybe bring in a vet or two to lengthen the bench as well as some sharp shooting. So those are your top contenders, kind of what I'm thinking each team may need. But the Jazz, John Collins, Lori Markkinen, Jordan Clarkson could all be available via trade.

Jey (30:02.534)

Collins has publicly vented his frustration with how he's taking to the system and then Utah put him on the trade block. So he's out there. I think he would be a phenomenal fit and I'm thinking contenders who are going to try to trade and swing some of these trades. So John Collins, I would really like to see him. Let me pull up my list. I think the Sixers could be a good fit.

and the Timberwolves would be a great fit. They could really use that coming off the bench in the second unit. And I think Miami would also benefit from a John Collin