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Dan-o-mite Power Rankings 4/23

Hey, what is up, Ball boys and girls? I hope you are doing super well; It Friday, which means it's time for Ball Boys' power rankings, cause why not? Power Rankings are ranking all 30 teams based on the roster's state and how the team is doing overall. These have their spot on the website, which you can find here. I will explain changes as to why they dropped or went up as well.

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Side Note: I didn't put team records in because I drafted this on Wednesday, 4/21, to post 4/23.

  1. Dodgers(-)

  2. Padres(-)

  3. Athletics(+17)

  4. Red Sox (+12)

  5. Mets(+5)

  6. Reds (+2)

  7. Brewers (+14)

  8. Cardinals (-5)

  9. Phillies (-5)

  10. Braves(-)

  11. White Sox(+3)

  12. Rays(+7)

  13. Mariners (+7)

  14. Royals (+9)

  15. Giants (+9)

  16. Twins (-11)

  17. Blue Jays(-)

  18. Indians (-5)

  19. Yankees(-7)

  20. Angels (-13)

  21. Astros(-13)

  22. Orioles(-)

  23. Nationals (-5)

  24. Cubs (-9)

  25. Rockies(-)

  26. Marlins(-)

  27. Diamondbacks(-)

  28. Rangers(-)

  29. Tigers(-5)

  30. Pirates(-)

Thanks for reading today; I am so grateful for your time reading. I also want to thank my partners over at Repp Sports for RAZE Energy. Thanks to this clean and sufficient energy, I can have the intense focus to deliver content to you guys consistently. Click here to save 15% right now with the code "BALL BOY" at check out.

Thank you guys for reading to the end. I love taking the extra few seconds to read how much I appreciate you and how grateful I am for the time you have spent with me in this post, listening to the Podcast, participating in the forums, and sharing with friends. It all means so much to me, and I appreciate it and am so beyond grateful! Thank you!

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