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Building Stronger Men: Insights from Episode 115 of the Podcast with Mike Van Pelt

Here is the image for the podcast episode featuring Mike Van Pelt, where he discusses the importance of community, relationships, and mental health for men. The scene captures Mike in a thoughtful pose, surrounded by symbols of community and mental health support, in a setting that also hints at spiritual grounding. This visual representation embodies the key themes of support, personal growth, and community discussed in the episode.
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In Episode 115, Mike Van Pelt shares invaluable advice on overcoming loneliness, enhancing mental health through community, and the power of daily routines in fostering personal growth.


Episode 115 of the podcast features a compelling dialogue with Mike Van Pelt, a dedicated men's life coach and host of the True Man Podcast. Mike discusses vital topics such as the mental health struggles that men often face, the transformative power of community, and the crucial role of spirituality in personal stability.

The Impact of Community and Relationships on Men's Health:

Mike begins by addressing the prevalent issue of loneliness among men, emphasizing how this can significantly impact mental health. He highlights the need for men to forge strong relationships and actively engage in supportive communities, providing both a sense of belonging and a network of emotional support.

The Role of Sage Adults and Wisdom in Personal Growth:

Mike reflects on the invaluable guidance he received from sage adults throughout his life. He shares how mentorship has been fundamental in shaping his approach to life and fatherhood, offering practical advice and timeless wisdom that has guided him through various challenges.

Personal Reflections and Prioritizing Relationships:

Mike expresses his past regrets and the lessons learned in fatherhood through personal stories. He advocates for men to prioritize their relationships with their children and partners, stressing the long-term benefits of these bonds over transient professional or personal pursuits.

Spirituality and Centering Practices:

In the deepening discussion, Mike discusses the importance of grounding oneself in faith and spirituality. He provides insights into how daily practices like prayer and meditation can significantly aid in managing stress, anger, and the overall chaos of life, offering a sense of peace and centeredness.

Encouraging Men to Seek Help and Embrace Coaching:

Understanding the hurdles men face in acknowledging their vulnerabilities, Mike strongly recommends seeking professional help and coaching. He discusses how these resources have played a transformative role in his life and can help other men navigate complexities with greater clarity and confidence.

Vulnerability and Authenticity as Strengths:

Mike champions the virtues of vulnerability and authenticity, describing them as strengths that foster genuine connections and personal growth. He encourages men to embrace their true selves, which can lead to more meaningful relationships and an enriched life experience.


Episode 115 is a powerful testament to community, relationships, and mental health's essential roles in shaping better, stronger men. Mike Van Pelt’s insights offer practical advice and hopeful perspectives for any man looking to enhance his life and the lives of those around him, encouraging a path of growth, support, and authenticity.

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