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BBT31: World Baseball Classic/ the Ump Show

Pool C/D is both complete, and Pool A/B is halfway done. Get down with Jey today as he dives into the deep end of the World Baseball Classic, shares his reaction to the pool play thus far, and what he thinks the outcome of Pool A/B could be. Jey talks about Shohei Ohtani, Mike Trout, Joey Meneses, the excellent Czech Republic team, his love for the Australian National Team, and much more surrounding the health and coolness of baseball.

Jey talks about the health and momentum of baseball on a worldwide stage and how MLB is in a prime place to push baseball worldwide and invest NOW!

Lastly, Jey talks about the ump show we saw in College Baseball recently when an ump played baseball God between Mississippi Valley State and New Orleans. Read that full story here.


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