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Ball Boys Power Rankings- 1/18

Hey, what is up, Ball boys and girls? I hope you are doing super well; I decided that every Monday, I will start putting out my power rankings with the Podcast, cause why not? If you don't know what power rankings are, it's just a ranking of each team and the best week. These will get their spot on the blog page! I will explain changes as to why they dropped or went up as well.

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  1. Dodgers

  2. Padres

  3. Mets

  4. White Sox +2 (Liam Hendricks signing helps make this team a little more complete)

  5. Yankees -1 (DJ resigned help, I am not sold on Kluber as the answer to help the rotation)

  6. Athletics -1 (The best system in baseball and Beane should still be around)

  7. Braves +1 (re-assed the talent on the roster)

  8. Angels +1 (Mike Trout and great trades this offseason, Kurt Suzuki signing helps offensively)

  9. Twins -2 (Need to make moves soon to keep pace with the Chi Sox)

  10. Nationals +3 (The OF combo of Soto, Robles, Schwarber is excellent and 1B upgrade in Josh Bell make the offense great)

  11. Marlins

  12. Blue Jays

  13. Cardinals -3 (Yadi might retire, which doesn't give confidence to them re-signing Wong and Wainright)

  14. Giants +2 (Signings of Alex Wood, Anthony DeSclafani, and return of Posey will help them keep up in the NL Wild Card)

  15. Rays +3 (Cash knows how to use his pen and pitching better than everyone else, and they will find a way to win a lot of games)

  16. Indians -2 (Lindor and Carrasco being gone hurts a ton, but they still have a great rotation, and the additions in the INF will help them be surprisingly competitive)

  17. Cubs -2 (Darvish is gone, and I am sure Contreras is next and Bryant and they will only continue to move down the ranks)

  18. Red Sox +4(A young core and Sale ahead in rehab could pay dividends in 2020)

  19. Astros -2 (The signing of Stanek, Baez helps the pen, but still no suitable replacements for Springer, Brantley and Reddick moves them down)

  20. Phillies +1 (Additions to the pen will help them in 2021, and they could still re-sign Didi and JTR)

  21. Mariners -1 (They have a great young team, and if they can add a piece or two in pen and 2B, they could shoot up the ranks)

  22. Brewers -3 (They desperately need to sign a piece or two around Yelich and in pen and soon)

  23. Tigers +1 ( I am in on the Tigers rebuild, and the signing of Grossman helps them keep moving forward)

  24. Rockies -1 (I don't think that Arenado and Story can carry this team with no pitching)

  25. Reds +1 ( I don't think the Red's have the offense to back up the pitching they have added)

  26. Royals -1( I still don't buy into any of the moves they have made this off-season, and it probably won't help too much.

  27. Orioles

  28. Diamondbacks

  29. Rangers

  30. Pirates

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