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Ball Boy Talk: Gold Glove Winners

Updated: Dec 20, 2020

Welcome to Ball Boy Talk today; we will talk about the Gold Glove winners and see why they won and if they should have or if one of the other finalists got snubbed.

The Gold Glove award is the MLBs' award for the best defenders at each position. We have several metrics to go off of for this award, like Fielding %(.990 or higher), Defensive Runs Saved(15-20), Ultimate Zone Rating(+10).

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Congrats to the Cleveland Indians and Chicago Cubs, both earned the inaugural Team Gold Glove awards. The awards are well deserved for both ball clubs as the Cubs had seven award finalists, and the Indians had 3. Congrats to both these clubs.

American League:


Griffin Canning, Angels-Winner

Canning had.938FLD%, 11DRS, 1error, and only 4SB against him during 56.1 innings of work in 2020. I think the honor was deserved here because of the Defensive Runs Saved in 2020.

Kenta Maeda, Twins

Maeda had a .923FLD%, 3DRS, 1E, and 3SB against him during 66.2 innings of work in 2020

Zach Plesac, Indians

Plesac has a 1.000FLD%, 7DRS, OE, and 1SB against him during 55.1 innings of work in 2020.


Roberto Pérez, Indians- Winner

Perez was the winner of the award posting a 0.1WAR but had a 1.000FLD%, 6DRS, 0PB, and caught 71% of batter stealing. He might not have done much with the bat in his hands, but he was elite in the AL behind the plate.

Yasmani Grandal, White Sox

Grandal in 2020 had 5DRS, a .993FLD%, and four passed balls. Grandal also caught 46% of runner stealing. He had a season 0.6WAR

James McCann, White Sox

McCann had a season 1.2WAR with a .985FLD%, 5 DRS, 2PB, and caught 33% of base runners stealing. FIRST BASE

Evan White, Mariners- Winner

The rookie took home his first MLB gold glove. Posting a -0.1WAR wasn't great. But his glovework was as expected 1error, .998FLD%, and 7DRS. That is one heck of a season from the rookie.

Yuli Gurriel, Astros

He was posting a -0.3WAR with a .998FLD%, 2DRS. With Gurriel finding his spot at 1B in 2020, he showed plus defense.

Matt Olson, A's

Olson posted a 1.1WAR and was shooting to win his 3rd Gold Glove and posting a .998FLD%, 5DRS while committing the only 1error.


Cesar Hernandez, Indians- Winner

Posting a 1.5WAR in an IF and a team that Jose Ramirez and Francisco Lindor are impressive. At the same time, committing 4E and posting a .981FLD% and 6DRS.

Nicky Lopez, Royals

After posting a 0.0WAR showed he could play SS and 3B as well as 2B. Posting 2E, .991FLD%, with 8DRS. Great stuff from the 2nd year INF. The Royals have someone promising at 2B in the 25yo.

Danny Mendick, White Sox

On the season, Mendick posted a 0.6WAR and showed another piece that White Sox has; this will be good. Mendick played SS and 3B as well. At 2B, he posted 1E, .991FLD% with 4DRS.

Jonathan Schoop, Tigers

In 2020 Schoop posted a 1.0WAR with a .994FLD%, 1E but 0DRS was enough to get him considered.

Royals 2B Nicky Lopez should have been the winner of this award in 2020.


Isiah Kiner-Falefa, Rangers- Winner

He posted a 1.8WAR, and a 1.000FLD%, 0E, 3DRS showed the Rangers enough to prove he is the heir to Beltre at 3B.

Yoán Moncada, White Sox

He posted a 0.5WAR but showed well with the glove in 2020. He was committing 5E.964FLD% and a -1DRS. He was better than most, which is sad.

Gio Urshela, Yankees

Posting a 1.9WAR in 2020. Urshela settled into the role at 3B for the Yankees and played well. Posting 1E, .992Fld%, and 6DRS.

I think Urshela should have won the award, but Kiner-Falefa played in 58 games, and Urshela only played in 43.


J.P. Crawford, Mariners-Winner

YAS! The 2nd Mariner on this list has me so happy or this team. Crawford was stable in 2020, posting a 1.4WAR. Crawford is a highlight reel at SS as he only committed 3E and a .986Fld% but posting 6DRS.

Carlos Correa, Astros

Correa is a solid player and was again in 2020. Posting a 1.5WAR and his fielding was excellent, only committing 1E having a .995Fld% and having 8DRS.

Niko Goodrum, Tigers

After posting a -0.2WAR in 2020. Goodrum was good with SS's glove for the Tigers, only committing 1E and having a .991Fld% and 3DRS.


Alex Gordon, Royals-Winner- AL Platinum Glove Winner(2nd career)

After 2020 where Gordon posted a -0.1WAR. Gordon called it a career. Gordon, who I expect will be strongly considered for the HOF with 3 All-Star, now 8 Gold Gloves and 1 World Series title, and a career slash line of .257/.338/.410. In 2020 Gordon had 0E, 1.000Fld%, and 1Drs. A well-deserved award.

Lourdes Gurriel Jr., Blue Jays

In 2020 Gurriel Jr. posted a 1.0WAR, .990FLD%, 1E, and -3DRS. The 27yo has it together at the plate, and the glove is right behind.

Kyle Tucker, Astros

The 23yo is ready to step up with the departures of Brantley, Reddick, and Springer looming. Posting a 1.6WAR to go along with excellent glove work. Committing 1E and having a .987Fld% and having 3DRS, while also have 2DRS while playing RF.


Luis Robert, White Sox-Winner

Robert was fantastic in 2020, living up the hype and posting a 1.6WAR, playing in 56 games, committing 1E, and at the same time, having a .994fld% and 8Drs.

Byron Buxton, Twins

The 26yo was fantastic in 2020, posting a 1.9WAR, 0E, 11DRS, and a 1.000Fld% over 39 games.

Ramón Laureano, A's

The 26yo is incredible in the field and makes great flashy plays consistently. Posting a 1.3WAR, 0E, and 1.000Fld% and 5Drs. Great numbers in his 53 games.


Joey Gallo, Rangers-Winner

Gallo finished the season with the second-highest DRS with 12. That was behind Arenados 15. Playing in 56 games, committing 0E, and having a 1.000Fld%. Gallo did it all season long.

Clint Frazier, Yankees

I was not happy with the Yankees didn't open the season with Frazier on the roster as he only played in 39 games in 2020. Frazier made the most of it, posting a 1.5WAR, 1E, .984Fld%, and 4Drs.

Anthony Santander, Orioles

Santander posted a 1.5WAR in 2020. While in RF, he committed 2E and had a .975Fld% and 8Drs. An excellent season for Santander, who played in only 37 games.

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National League

Note the Cubs have seven players as finalists at six different positions.


Max Fried, Braves- Winner

Fried had a fantastic season on the mound going 7-0 with a 2.25ERA and a 2.9WAR. His defense wasn't as good as the below but posted a .941Fld%, 1E but did have 6Drs.

Kyle Hendricks, Cubs

Hendricks was much better than fellow Cub Mills on the mound. Posting a 6-5 record with a 2.88ERA and a 1.9WAR. Hendricks was also good with the glove, posting 0E, 1.000Fld% with 3Drs.

Alec Mills, Cubs

Mills wasn't excellent on the bump in 2020, going 5-5 with a 4.48ERa and a 0.2WAR. Fielding wise was different 0E, 1.000Fld%, and 3Drs.


Tucker Barnhart, Reds- Winner

Barnhart didn't have a great season at the plate posting a .204BA and 0.8WAR. Barnhart won his 2nd Gold Glove, with his first being in 2017. He played in only 36 games committing 0E, 1.000Fld%, 2PB and catching 36% of runners stealing.

Willson Contreras, Cubs

While having a decent season at the plate posting a 0.8WAR. Contreras was also excellent behind the dish behind the plate, giving up 2E while having a .994Fld%, 1Drs, and throwing out 35% of base runners.

Jacob Stallings, Pirates

While having a decent season at the plate, Stallings posted a 0.9WAR. Stallings had 4E a .990Fld%, 7Drs while throwing out 33% of baserunners stealing behind the plate.


Anthony Rizzo, Cubs- Winner

Rizzo wasn't great at the plate in 2020 as he posted a .222BA and a 0.8WAR. But the glovework was different; he committed 1E and had a .998Fld% with 3Drs. Well deserved award for Rizzo.

Brandon Belt, Giants

Belt was good at the plate in 2020, posting a .309BA and a 2.0WAR in 51 games. Committing 2E and having .994Fld%. Belt had 1Drs as well this season.

Paul Goldschmidt, Cardinals

Goldy had an excellent season hitting .304BA and posting a 1.7WAR. Playing in 52G and only committing 1E. He had a .998Fld%, 1Drs,


Kolten Wong, Cardinals- Winner

Wong was good at the plate in 2020 as he posted a 1.1WAR and a .265BA. Wong winning his 2nd Gold Glove in as many years was great. He committed 2E and had a .989Fld% and 6Drs. His impact at 2B helped the Cardinals all season long and boosted his free-agent market.

Adam Frazier, Pirates

Frazier also falls into the category of a low offensive season. Posting a .230BA and a 0.4WAR, much like all the other guys on this list, playing 41G at 2B having a .994Fld%, 1E, and 4Drs.

Nico Hoerner, Cubs

Hoerner, much like his teammate Rizzo posted a .222BA and 0.5WAR. Hoerner played 37G at 2B for the Cubs. He committed 2E, had a .977Fld%, 5Drs. THIRD BASE

Nolan Arenado, Rockies-Winner- Platinum Glove Winner(4th consecutive)

Arenado is now 8/8 as he led defensive value with a 9.3 rating and DRS with 15. Need I say more?

Brian Anderson, Marlins

Anderson had a good run in 2020 as he posted a 1.7WAR. Playing in 56G, he committed 9E had a .944Fld% but still was able to have 4Drs.

Manny Machado, Padres

Machado was excellent in 2020 as he is a finalist for NL MVP. Posting a 2.8WAR and .304BA. In his 56G, he committed 2E and had a .987Fld% with 7Drs.


Javier Báez, Cubs- Winner

Baez was terrible at the plate, having a .203BA and a 0.6WAR. We saw Baez play in 56G in 2020, committing 8E while only having a .968Fld% but posting 7Drs.

Miguel Rojas, Marlins

Rojas had a great season at the plate with a .304BA and 1.5WAR. The glove was great in 2020, playing 39G at SS and committing 3E and at the same time, having a .982Fld% and 2Drs.

Dansby Swanson, Braves

Dansby had a fantastic year at the plate posting a .274BA and a 2.6WAr. The defense from Swanson was even better than the bat. Playing in all 60G and committing 2E. All while posting .991Fld% and 10Drs.

The voters got this wrong! Dansby Swanson was the BEST SS in the NL and deserved the Gold Glove.


Tyler O'Neill, Cardinals-Winner

I see a common trend that the winner wasn't great at the plate in 2020. O'Neill hit .173A and posted a 0.6WAR. However, the defense matters here 48G in LF committing 0E—having a 1.000Fld% and 9Drs.

Shogo Akiyama, Reds

The Japanese import wasn't great at the plate posting a .245BA and a 0.5WAR. The glove was great between LF and CF, committing 0E and a 1.000Fld% and 4Drs in LF and 1 in CF.

David Peralta, D-backs

Peralta was pretty okay at the plate in 2020, having a .300BA and a 0.4WAR. In the 45G committing 0E while having a 1.000Fld% and -1Drs.


Trent Grisham, Padres-Winner

Grisham was also very good at the plate in 2020, hitting 10HR, 2.51BA, and 2.2WAR, and the second year OF played 59G in CF, committing 2E while recording a .986Fld% and 7Drs.

Ronald Acuña Jr., Braves

Acuna will be a finalist for years, if not the next 10-15 years. Even though Acuna missed some time in 2020, he still had 14HR and 2.1WAR. With 34 games in CF, Acuna committed 0E, 1.000Fld%, and 2Drs.

Cody Bellinger, Dodgers

Bellinger was not the same MVP that we saw in 2019 as we saw some regression. Belli still posted 12HR and 1.4WAR. Playing 39G in CF committing 1E while having a .990Fld% with 5Drs. Playing 34G in CF and committing 0E while having a 1.000Fld%


Mookie Betts, Dodgers-Winner

Mookie, Mookie, Mookie, what can this man not do? He hit 16HR, .292BA, and 3.4WAR. With the glove in his 52G in RF committed 4E. Posted .966Fld% and had 11DRS!

Charlie Blackmon, Rockies

Blackmon was one of the hottest players in baseball for the first half of 2020. Then cooled off a ton. Finishing the season with a .303BA and a 0.5WAR. The glove for 50G in RF was excellent 0E with a 1.000Fld% but had a -1Drs.

Jason Heyward, Cubs

The vet was serviceable at the plate in 2020 for the Cubs posting a .265BA and a 1.3WAR. He was pretty dang good in 2020, playing in 50G committing 0E while having a 1.000fld% and 1Drs.

This was one of the most challenging pieces I have ever written, so thank you for bearing with me. I recently challenged myself to learn more about advanced metrics, and it paid off for this piece. I am so grateful for the support and all the love and your time most of all

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