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Ball Boy Power Rankings 2/2

Hey, what is up, Ball boys and girls? I hope you are doing super well; I decided that every Monday, I will start putting out my power rankings with the Podcast, cause why not? If you don't know what power rankings are, it's just a ranking of each team and the best week. These will get their spot on the blog page! I will explain changes as to why they dropped or went up as well.

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  1. Dodgers (Still #1)

  2. Padres (The Musgrove addition keeps them #2)

  3. Mets (The Bauer connection gives me hope and keeps them #3)

  4. White Sox (Bringing Rodon back gives the rotation stability)

  5. Yankees (Love the Taillon trade, O'Day signing helps keep them top 5)

  6. Athletics

  7. Braves

  8. Nationals

  9. Blue Jays +1 (The Semien signing propels them top 9)

  10. Twins +1 (I love the Simmons and Happ signings and the re-opening of discussions with Nelson Cruz)

  11. Angels -2 (I haven't seen enough moves that keep them moving up)

  12. Phillies +6 (JTR, Didi, Moore signings are perfect!)

  13. Cardinals (Resigning of Yadi, Waino, and the Arenado trade, my oh my)

  14. Giants (The Alex Wood, Tommy La Stella signings are helping the Giants move into the late stages of their rebuild)

  15. Indians +1 (Rosario, Hernandez signings complete the lineup, and they an excellent rotation.)

  16. Cubs +1 (Pederson, Williams, Steward signings help show me they are still going for it.)

  17. Marlins -5 (The team is close to making a splash in the trade market)

  18. Rays -3 (The Snell trade hurt the most, the lack of significant signings doesn't help, but Kevin Cash is the best manager in the AL)

  19. Astros

  20. Red Sox (Kike Hernandez, Garret Richards signings, and Ottavino trade help improve the Red Sox's depth. )

  21. Mariners

  22. Reds

  23. Brewers +2 (The strong connections to the INF free-agent market keep them in the mix)

  24. Rockies -1 (The rebuild has begun with the Arenando trade)

  25. Tigers -1 (The signings are intentional, they won't help the team win, but they help buy time for the top tier talent to develop.)

  26. Royals

  27. Orioles

  28. Diamondbacks

  29. Rangers

  30. Pirates (Can the Pirates go below 30, the trades of Musgrove, Taillon, and Bell give them 0 chance to compete)

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