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AL East Predictions

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AL East: Here are my predictions of how I think this division will shake out from bottom to top.

5. Baltimore Orioles- This one is a pretty easy slot for me. This division is incredibly sturdy. I don't think the O's are quite close enough to compete in a 60 game season. HOWEVER, this team is still going to be a tough out. We are going to see the kids playing this season and getting their reps in. The O's are probably about 2-4 years out from competing in the AL for a WC spot.

4. I am in a tough place here. For me, I am going to slot the Boston Red Sox in here. With no Chris Sale, Mookie Betts, or David Price to carry this team. With Verdugo taking a ton of weight on him to come in and produce. Jeter Downs is knocking on the door. A big question for who is playing 1B for the Red Sox, whether its Moreland, Chavis, or top prospect Dalbec? Who knows who will be in the rotation now that Sale is down, Price and Porcello are gone, and is Eovaldi going to be healthy? There are just WAY too many questions surround this RedSox team, and I don't think they have enough to get the job done in a short season.

3. This one was easy for me, Toronto Blue Jays. The new additions to the rotation and the continuous development of their young core of fielders and hitters. This team is one of my top 6 to turn some heads this season and for a good reason. I don't see a considerable weakness anywhere on this team. They are solid all-around with more talent coming. We could have both WC come from this division with the Jays and my 2nd place team below.

2. Tampa Bay Rays was also a little challenging because the Jays and Rays could flip positions at will. But with the additions the Rays made to their lineup and defense of Hunter Renfroe, Manuel Margot, and Yoshitomo Tsutsugo. All of these players carry a decent bat and a good track record of +WAR. With great pitching and better seasons ahead for Blake Snell, Alvarado the Rays have so much pitching and talent oozing out from this roster. It's much improved already. This team is ready to come out and make some noise!

1. Yes, I am not a massive fan of this team. But, it's hard to deny. New York Yankees Have one thing and one thing only that will hold them back from the World Series this season and its health. With Judge, Hicks, Stanton, Paxton, and nearly half of the team returning from injury and getting an extra three months of rest. These guys are all ready to play. This team is loaded, and we are about to see them once again dominate the field with their team. Oh yeah, they have Cole now too. Watch out any clubs who are playing against this tough Yankees team.

My Final projections for this division based on record

1- NY Yankees-47-13- Playoffs

2- TB Rays - 42-18- Wild Card

3. Tor Blue Jays- 38-22- Miss a WC

4- Bos RedSox- 32-28-Had a late-season push but falls short

5- Bal Orioles- 25-35= First team Eliminated from Playoffs

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