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A.L. RAZE to Playoffs: September

Welcome into the RAZE to the playoffs, coming to you today by my friends, partners, and sponsor, Raze Energy. Raze recently launched a pre-workout line, and it's phenomenal. Most pre-workouts make you feel itchy, not Raze. I have never had such a smooth and delicious pre-workout. 4 fantastic flavors to choose from. Click here to go to the site. Then use Code "BALLBOY" at checkout to save 15% off your entire purchase.

Enough of the business; let's jump into my playoff predictions for the AL. All records are as of the End of Day 9/3.

Division Standings: AL East

  1. Tampa Bay Rays (84-50)

  2. Final Projection: 100-62

  3. Division Winner, 1 Seed

  4. August Projection: 95-67

  5. July Projection: 94-68

  6. June Projection: 94-68

  7. May Projection: 80-82

  8. April Prediction: 94-68

  9. NY Yankees(77-56)

  10. Final Projection: 92-70

  11. AL Wildcard 1

  12. August Projection: 90-72

  13. July Projection: 84-78

  14. June Projection: 82-80

  15. May Projection: 85-77

  16. April Prediction: 88-74

  17. Boston Red Sox(77-59)

  18. Final Projection: 90-72

  19. August Projection: 94-68

  20. July Projection: 90-72

  21. June Projection: 92-70

  22. May Projection: 92-70

  23. April Prediction: 80-82

  24. Toronto Blue Jays(70-62)

  25. Final Projection: 84-78

  26. August Projection: 86-76

  27. July Projection: 88-74

  28. June Projection: 87-75

  29. May projection: 90-72

  30. April Prediction: 90-72

  31. Baltimore Orioles(41-91)

  32. Final Projections: 55-107

  33. August Projection:62-100

  34. July Projections: 60-102

  35. June Projection: 65-97

  36. May Projection 70-92

  37. April Prediction: 60-102

Division Standings: AL Central

  1. Chicago White Sox(78-56)

  2. Final Projection: 99-63

  3. Division Winner, Two Seed

  4. August Projection: 101-61

  5. July Projection: 99-63

  6. June Projection: 98-64

  7. May Projection: 95-67

  8. April Prediction: 95-67

  9. Detroit Tigers(63-72)

  10. Final Projection: 78-84

  11. August Projection: 75-87

  12. July Projection: 65-97

  13. June Projection: 60-102

  14. May Projection: 55-107

  15. April Prediction: 61-101

  16. Cleveland Indians(67-64)

  17. Final Projection:75-87

  18. August Projection: 82-80

  19. July Projection: 75-87

  20. June Projection: 80-82

  21. May Projection: 85-77

  22. April Prediction: 85-77

  23. Kansas City Royals(59-74)

  24. Final Projection: 67-95

  25. August Projection: 75-87

  26. July Projection: 81-81

  27. June Projection: 82-80

  28. May Projection: 87-75

  29. April Prediction: 70-92

  30. Minnesota Twins:(58-75)

  31. Final Projection:67-95

  32. August Projection: 70-92

  33. July Projection: 80-82

  34. June Projection: 81-81

  35. May Projection: 85-77

  36. April Prediction: 92-70

Division Standings: AL West

  1. Houston Astros(78-55)

  2. Final Projection: 98-64

  3. Division Winner + 3 seed

  4. August Projection: 96-66

  5. July Projection: 95-67

  6. June Projection: 92-70

  7. May Projection: 87-75

  8. April Prediction: 85-77

  9. Oakland A's(74-60)

  10. Final Projection: 92-70

  11. Wildcard 2 +5

  12. August Projection: 95-67

  13. July Projection: 92-70

  14. June Projection: 90-72

  15. May Projection:95-67

  16. April Prediction: 94-68

  17. Seattle Mariners(72-62)

  18. Final Projection: 89-75

  19. August Projection: 86-76

  20. July Projection: 87-75

  21. June Projection: 85-77

  22. May Projection: 81-81

  23. April Prediction: 88-74

  24. LA Angels(66-68)

  25. Final Projection: 75-77

  26. August Projection: 81-81

  27. July Projection: 84-78

  28. June Projection: 83-79

  29. May Projection: 80-82

  30. April Projection: 91-71

  31. Texas Rangers(47-86)

  32. Final Projection: 57-105

  33. August Projection: 55-107

  34. July Projection: 60-102

  35. June Projection: 60-102

  36. May Projection: 60-102

  37. April Prediction: 60-102

ALWCS: The Wildcard is going to be a 1-game play-in, as we have seen traditionally. In this ALWCS, we will see the Oakland A's (5) V the New York Yankees(5) excellent matchup. If Bassitt is healthy, I would expect him to go. However, Melvin will go with the hot hand. The Yankees will hope to use Gerrit Cole, who will likely win the AL Cy Young. Cole is the Yankee's edge here, and I see them advancing.

ALDS: In round two, we will see the 1-seed Tampa Bay Rays vs. the wildcard winning NY Yankees. The ALDS is a five-game series in which both teams usually go with a 3-man rotation. I love the Tampa Bay Rays, and just how great they have been all season and how they have dominated every team they have played this season. The Yankees will hit a lot of HR and swing for the fences. However, Kevin Cash has beat the Yankees consistently the last two seasons; he is one of the best managers in the AL. I have the Rays advancing in 4.

-The second matchup in the ALDS will see the 2-seed Chicago White Sox vs. the 3-seed Houston Astros. The matchup is now my favorite playoff matchup that I have predicted to date. The Astros have a great offense, but so do the Chi Sox; the White Sox have the better bullpen and will neutralize the Astros bats. I have the White Sox in 4.

ALCS: The ALCS is the best of seven.

We will see the 2-seed Chicago White Sox v the 1-seed Tampa Bay Rays. Let's break down this matchup just a little deeper.

Rotation- Tampa Bay

Bull Pen- White Sox

Defense- Tampa Bay

Outfielders- White Sox

Infielders- Tampa Bay

Difference Makers: The difference for the Ray's is Kevin Cash and how well he plays games and how he manipulates his lineup and his personnel on a game-game basis. The difference for the White Sox is Tony La Russa and how he plays coming off a five-game series. I don't think the White Sox have enough starting pitching to truly get them past the scrappy Rays, which is why I think the Rays can take this series in 6 and advance yet again to the World Series.

Thanks for reading today, I am so grateful for your time reading, and I hope you enjoyed my latest Playoff Prediction. I also want to thank my partners over at Repp Sports for RAZE Energy. Thanks to this clean and sufficient energy, I can have the intense focus to deliver content to you guys consistently. Click here to save 15% right now with the code "BALL BOY" at check out.

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