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55: The Secure Dad- Andy M.


Jey (00:09.63)

Alright, thanks to our live in studio audience. Welcome to another week of the young guy podcast. I'm Jay and joining me today is Andy Andy. How are you, sir?

Andy Murphy (00:19.239)

I'm doing well, Jay. Thank you for the opportunity to get to talk to you and to your audience. I'm looking forward to it.

Jey (00:24.494)

I'm really excited. This is going to be a really good one for really any parent or anyone that has kids that are online at all. So, or anyone that's online themselves. So I'm really excited. A little bit about you. If the listeners skipped over the intro, which sometimes they do, I do it myself. Sometimes I skip over the intro show just to get into it. But you became a dad about 11 years ago. You live mostly in the Southeast United States. Currently you're in...

East Coast, still correct. You are an author, a father, and an online safety and security expert. So go ahead and tell us anything else you want us to know about you, and then also how you got started in online security and cyber safety.

Andy Murphy (00:55.988)


Andy Murphy (01:10.389)

Sure. So, um, it's weird, you know, being a dad, um, online safety and security at my age is not something that I learned from my dad. So this is something that we, as this first cyber generation have had to learn. So this was something that I kind of picked up on and I thought about, um, you know, there's a lot of creepy stuff that happens. There's a lot of, you know, I'm kind of fascinated by how

hackers and red teamers work and how they use social engineering to get people to do things and I thought that was really interesting and then I realized those same tactics are getting used against our children by you know predators and people who do not have good intentions for us and our kids. So I started to learn about how these things work and by no means though I consider myself an expert because I'm always learning. I feel like experts are at the top of their game and they stop learning they stop doing stuff.

I don't want to be like that. I never want to get to the top of the hill and say, Oh, I'm an expert in this. Cause I'm not because it's always learning, especially in this field. It is always changing. So I sat down and I kind of looked at the landscape of what it was like to raise a child in the digital world. And I realized a couple of years ago that I just wasn't where I needed to be. There just wasn't, I didn't have enough knowledge in me to be able to

get my child at this age through the digital gauntlet that is life now. And so I had to sit down and say, okay, well, what do I need to do to make myself better? So I set out on a quest for like the last two years to understand what the real threats were to, you know, a kid being old line, because there's a lot of fake stuff that gets blown up about this challenge or that challenge. And that's not real. It's just internet rumors that parents share because it is so shocking. And that's why it gets shared because it is shocking.

So it was like, okay, what are the real threats? What do I need to focus on? And how do I need to address that in my own home? And then I started to share that with other people as I was learning. And I usually couch it with, you know your children, I don't. So I'm gonna give you this information that I have discovered, that I have found, and then you take that and you use it in your home as you see fit. And I think that's really what people find appealing about the Secure Dad and the Secure Dad podcast. It's not...

Andy Murphy (03:33.473)

Oh, I'm right. And I'm always going to tell you it's going to be this way because it's not, it's not always going to be that way. It's going to be different by the time, you know, what a threat is. Another one has popped up. So it's really just an ongoing education for parents to be able to help them feel comfortable having their kids online because so much of their world is online today.

Jey (03:55.802)

100%. I love that. I also love that about your platform and about you and what you do is that you continue to learn and you continue to keep things fresh and updated because you're right. Online security and cyber safety is changing and ongoing. It's something that changes every day. Predators are trying something new every day online. They're in their little communities online. And then on top of that, that's one thing that is amazing about

Andy Murphy (04:10.345)


Andy Murphy (04:20.627)


Jey (04:24.986)

your show and something that we really back here at with our show is that, you know, we're going to say these things and Take them for what you will take them into your home for what we will any parenting stuff We talk about relationship stuff any advice anything like that or not the end all be all Or not We never will be

Andy Murphy (04:41.097)

Right, right. And that's a good way to approach people. And I think that's how you find like-minded people, is by saying, hey, this is what we're doing. If you like it, come on. If you don't, that's okay. And if you don't agree with everything that we say, that's totally fine too. But you know, still you're welcome.

Jey (04:58.186)

100% and even if you don't agree like you said, you're welcome come share your thoughts in your perspective with me Like I don't agree with you on your take on pineapple on pizza We're still here today

Andy Murphy (05:11.546)

Well, that's right. Well, I'm sorry, pineapple does belong on pizza and I have enjoyed it for a very long time.

Jey (05:20.622)

Okay, don't age yourself. Be careful. Be careful. You're approaching dangerous territory there. But no, I personally... Pineapple... I like pineapple itself. Like my kids, they love pineapple, especially my little