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49: Welcome to Fatherhood/The Miscarriage Dad- Kelly J.P.

Young is our last name, and Fatherhood is our game.

Trigger warning: today, we will discuss early pregnancy loss, aka miscarriage, and it is approached with sensitivity, respect, and empathy.

Kelly Jean-Philippe is a father of two boys, ages 3 and 7 months. He and his wife have been married for the past 5 years. Along their journey of starting and growing their family, Kelly and his wife experienced multiple miscarriages. The profound impact of these experiences on Kelly has led him to start a movement advocating for fathers to receive an equal level of support and resources as mothers in the event of early pregnancy loss. You can follow this grassroots movement @themiscarriagedad on IG, and subscribe to the upcoming “The Miscarriage Dads” podcast which is normalizing dads openly talking about the father’s experience of miscarriage.

It's about that time. Pull up a chair, grab a juice box, grab a snack, and talk with our guest, Kelly, the host of the Welcome to Fatherhood Podcast and the Miscarriage Dad Podcast, releasing TODAY! Kelly also runs The Miscarriage Dad page on I.G. Kelly became a dad in 2020/2023, and being a dad means discovering who I am by discovering who my children are, and I think that's just beautiful.

With that in mind, get comfy, pop that straw into your juice box, open your snack, and let's talk.

As I said, we spoke today about early pregnancy loss; we jumped into the social double standards, grief, loss, and some complex and real topics that 1/4 of fathers will face (as 1/4 pregnancies result in early loss) buckle up as this episode is probably a top 3!

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