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37: YDP Banger- Evan Corbett

Let's stroll down memory lane as we revisit the conversation with Evan, a dad with a beautiful little girl with Sturge-Weber syndrome. We originally recorded this back in December of 2022, with a missed week and the holiday, 2 YDP Bangers in store for you guys, and we will resume season 3 the week of July 12 with a new release.

Greetings from 'Down Unda' On this show's episode, the brothers welcome Evan, whose princess has the rare and uncommon Sturge Weber Syndrome. Evan joins the show from Australia and takes us along his journey as a dad with a daughter with a disability. Please note: this episode does have adult language, is not used for harm, and may not be for everyone.

Evan then takes us on the journey through life with his princess from the beginning, the ups and downs, the good and evil, and what it has been like for him and his partner.

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