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27: 6 Figure SAH Dad- Brad Adair

This week, we welcome Brad. Brad goes by the 6 Figure Dad on IG, but in real life, Brad is one heck of a dude. Brad is first a husband and father to 3 under 5yo. He is also an author, coach, entrepreneur, and retired Green Beret with the US Army. We truly do thank him for his service and sacrifice for our country.

Brad says that if there is only Hawaiian pizza at a party, he will eat it cause you don't pass up pizza. With his odd taste in pizza, he also loves his farm, his three cows, and 12 chickens, among his other animals.

While Brad was in the military, he started his own business around fuel injectors, and at the beginning, it took a lot of time. We discussed his self-discipline and how he managed the time with his wife, and he shared some strategies to do it. Lastly, we ended with some wise words for you to listen to. You should stick around for this if you are also starting a new path.

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