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19: Child Safety Myths

Updated: Feb 27, 2023

We have such a great show for you guys today. We are bringing on Jason Brike, author of Safe Home Blue Print, Safest Family on the Block: 101 Tips, Tricks, Hacks, and Habits to Keep Your Family Safe. And Safest Family on the Block podcast and website, and we will be talking about some of the common myths regarding child safety, bullying, school shootings, and much more.

So go ahead and Pull up a chair, grab a snack, grab a juice box, and let's talk. .

Visit Jason's website here, where he offers his books and services for creating a safety plan. If you reach out to his Instagram after listening to this Podcast, tell him you listened to Young Dad Pod, and he will offer you 50% of the safety plan consultation. Find more of the Safest Family on the Block on YouTube:

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Check out the latest episode of Young Dad Pod! Listen to the full podcast here

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