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118: As Dad As It Gets, Pt 2- Larry (Full Transcript)

Jey (00:00.85)

I always be yes beforehand. That's what it's all about. And that's what it's all about. Yay! This is so much easier when I have a guest on that I've already had on before and someone that I talk to on a regular basis, quite consistently. We nearly talk every single day, Larry. And you've been on the podcast before. Don't ask me what number episode because I'm in a renumbering phase right now to where the YouTube episodes are staying.

Larry (00:07.968)


Larry (00:12.738)

Thank you.

Larry (00:16.214)


Larry (00:19.808)


Larry (00:26.402)

Thanks for watching!

Jey (00:29.538)

kind of how they are with like the bangers and the bonuses and the main episodes are being numbered in that order but then on the actual like feed on like Spotify, Apple and everywhere else I went through and I renumbered every single episode and I would just put parentheses to what that episode would be if it was like a bonus or a banger or whatever so then I still track numbers so if you're on YouTube

there's a number for that episode that's going to be 20 to 25 to 30 episodes less or more less than what you're going to find on Spotify or Apple. But Larry, you're the host of As Dad As It Gets or one of the hosts of As Dad As It Gets podcast. We're pretty cool friends. Pretty cool friends. I mean, you're a cool guy. And you're back once again. And yeah, how are things? How's life?

Larry (01:27.39)

You just made me remember that so far as that as it gets I stopped numbering my episodes and then we decided we're gonna do it in seasons so now I have to go back and be like season one, episode one, season two, episode two and I don't want to do that now. I don't even try with YouTube.

Jey (01:47.39)

Oh, yeah, no, it was a labor of love to do it. I'm also thinking about re-recording my intro.

Larry (01:58.802)

Yeah, we, we do individual intros. Um, what I liked.

Jey (01:59.446)

but I just haven't gotten that far yet.

Jey (02:05.967)

Oh, I mean like, uh, not intro, trailer.

Larry (02:10.222)

Okay, I was gonna say what I like to do for each episode for as dad as it gets is so like we have her our small talk section at the very beginning and Then typically what I'll do is I'll be like so welcome to his dad as it gets the podcast where Like we buy new hats or something like that Because you got a new hat

Jey (02:19.818)


Jey (02:32.229)

I like it. No, no, I did. I really like this hat. I got it yesterday at Liz for $10. So it's super it's actually really that's unfortunate.

Larry (02:37.302)

Yeah, we don't have a LIDS where I live.

Look, I think the closest LIDS is Nashville, which is an hour and a half away.

Jey (02:45.958)

Oh, that's disappointing. I mean, not really, Lids is kind of overrated, but they had a big clearance sale going on and I just had to stop in. I made my fiance go in there with me after she made me go to, okay, no, it was fair because she made me go to Sephora and then she made me go to Bath and Body Works, even though I low-key love Bath and Body Works, but I don't love Sephora.

Larry (02:48.211)


Larry (03:00.84)


Larry (03:06.248)

Dude. So let me tell you why I love Bath and Body Works. That is the only place in the world that you can fart and nobody would smell it.

Jey (03:09.614)


Larry (03:16.949)


Jey (03:17.082)

I really like the men's collection of stuff though at the same time. I like shocked the worker there because she was gonna hand me a sample of this cologne called Canyon and I was like, oh no, I don't need that. I already have it. She was like, what?

Larry (03:22.16)


Larry (03:30.482)

I like their, uh, the bourbon scent.

Jey (03:33.326)

bourbon is good, I have bourbon. I have a whole collection, like I legit have 15 Bath & Body Works clones that I've had. One of them, or a few of them I've had since college, and so they're in different bottle shapes than what they come in now. They came in these like, I don't even know how to describe it, it was like an oval-ish almost, like a U-shape kind of, it's like a U-shaped bottle, it's about an inch thick and...

Larry (03:35.574)


Larry (03:56.533)


Jey (03:59.586)

They're totally different than the squares that they come in now. They used to be in these thin cardboard. It's like a throwback kind of thing. But last time you were on Larry, it was July of 2023. We're recording this in January of 2024. It's basically February at this point, let's be honest. And. Or 2024. I just said it's 2023 still. Oh my God. Um.

Larry (04:19.358)


Larry (04:25.438)

Yeah, 2024. It's early.

Jey (04:27.638)

But this may not come out for a while. It could be just a try until this comes out, but that's OK. And then I was on your podcast, I don't know, a couple of months ago.

Larry (04:31.586)

Until July.

Larry (04:42.686)

Uh, yeah. Yeah. So you'll be our second episode once we start airing in February.

Jey (04:48.598)

Very nice, I'm excited for that. So it's a lot of fun. It's been a wild and crazy ride. I mean, that was technically episode 63 of mine. And now fast forward, this will be 111 when it comes out.

Larry (05:04.81)

You just record nonstop, don't you?

Jey (05:07.546)

I feel like I do, which is kind of its own double edged sword, which is kind of catching up to me, kind of like I was talking about in our Discord, shameless plug of the Discord. To where, like, because I have a Calendly, I only open it for about two months at a time. Like the last opening I did was, I guess I was going until like November. But then what happened over that break of November and December.

is that I gained, and I'm not trying to brag or anything, but I gained over 100 new Instagram followers, and I gained a ton of engagement on threads. And so out of nowhere, I had all these new people to talk to.

Larry (05:45.138)

Now go ahead and brag.

Larry (05:55.014)

Right. I forget about threads.

Jey (05:55.978)

And so I would just throw in my calendar link. I just kept throwing my calendar link at people. And then January 1st came around and it was time to meet my maker and met the calender. And I can't even tell you how many recordings I've done this month. I'm pretty sure I recorded nearly every day of the new year almost.

Larry (06:09.248)


Jey (06:24.906)

which has been insane.

Larry (06:27.954)

Yeah. I, uh, do you, do you worry about burnout with that? Cause it's, it's going really hard on recording and editing and posting and social media.

Jey (06:41.57)

So this is the 19th recording of the month. Sorry, I was counting that. This is the 19th recording of January. So out of more than half the days, right? And so I do, like I'm kind of feeling it, but I'm kind of not because it gives me like, it gives me a lot of juice. It gives me, it gets me up early. It gets me going. It gets me like motivated. It gets me excited. Cause I love what I'm talking about here.

Larry (06:45.783)

No, you're good.

Larry (06:54.512)


Jey (07:08.214)

I love what I'm doing. I love what I'm talking about. I love the narratives. I love the conversations. I love all of it. But yes, at the same time, I definitely do worry about the burnout because it does feel like a lot or I'll forget things. Like, yes, I'm really glad I use Riverside for recording. I don't think I've ever talked about what platform I use really, but I use Riverside. Riverside's fantastic because it has like AI editing, which is fantastic. It takes the silences out, which are the main thing.

Larry (07:09.116)


Larry (07:24.758)


Jey (07:36.238)

that I would have to go back and look for anyway. Sometimes I have to change the words or sometimes I have to edit out like, some talking over, things like that. But for the most part, I've never really cared too, too much about, like, what's being removed or what's being edited out or things like that, gimmicks, sound effects, all that stuff. I've never really worried about it. It's never really been a big deal.

That kind of goes back to when I very first started making content, even like blogs and whatnot when it was just like a rough edit. It was choppy. It was rough. It was real rough. I got a lot of hate. I got a lot of people that were grammar Nazis trying to correct my blogs and whatnot. And it was just that I invested in Grammarly. And

Larry (08:19.958)


Larry (08:27.42)

I'm out.

Jey (08:28.03)

I have a nice big investment in Grammarly. So Grammarly, if you ever want to reach out, feel free. I would love to not pay that absurd price for my yearly membership, but I mean, I use it so much. It's worth it to me to continually pay that. But yeah, it was always kind of going back to when I first started content, when I would listen to a lot of Gary Vee. I'm sure everyone's listened to Gary Vee where it's just like, just post the video.

Larry (08:41.462)


Jey (08:54.342)

Who cares about the lighting? Who cares about the thing? It's not about all those extra things. It's about the message that you're posting. So that's one thing I've always believed. Is that it's more about...

the quality of the things being said versus the quality of the output. Like if you really want to stay and listen, you'll stay and listen because you know, the quality of the, of the content is going to be great versus, well, maybe it's not the best well edited thing. Maybe there's, you know, echo cancellations on noise cancelings on background noises, remove silences, remove out.

Like there are a lot of like little things done. Like my lighting's gotten better. My camera's decent. Like it's not blurry or anything when it goes on the YouTube. Like it's a quality video, everything in that. So it's like, I checked enough boxes for it to be good enough, where it's not okay enough. I feel like it's good enough. So that's kind of where I am. But yeah, the burnout is definitely there sometimes because it's going back, listening.

Larry (09:47.121)


Jey (10:03.71)

You know, Riverside is also great because it does give you AI like shorts, reels, TikToks. It does it for you. It adds chapters now for me. It adds the description of the show for me, which really helps going in and like making the recordings a lot easier to introduce the podcast itself. So when you listen, everyone listen to this one, if you listen to the show before.

I give a little bit of what the show is about in the intro. And then I tell you who the pineapple offender of the week is. And then we jump into the podcast itself and then I'll do a plug at the very end of a product or brand or someone that I'm working with currently. And yeah, so yeah, there's some of it that gets a little annoying, more or less. It's just tedious to make those reels and to post them to three different platforms.

Larry (10:53.452)


Jey (10:57.214)

I'm posting them to Facebook, I'm posting them to meta entities and then I'm posting them to YouTube and then I'm posting them to TikTok so it's just cross posting, cross promoting is annoying. Yeah because one video can take three four minutes and I'm posting seven videos a week so that's like 20-30 minutes of just time and it's mundane it's boring titles

Larry (11:10.646)

And those things add up really quick. Like, just...

Larry (11:20.017)


Jey (11:26.042)

links copy paste cop